eBooks for the iPad and iPhone

iBooks for the iPad and iPhone is a dynamic way to present your content to users all over the world. Create beautiful text books, or any other kind of book for the iPad and iPhone with interactive media, videos, photo galleries and a lot more.

Paper books are expensive to produce, impossible to update, they're heavy, get dog-eared and worn out quickly. An iBook for the iPad and iPhone is easy to flip through, including an interactive glossery, plus multiple books can be carried with one simple devise.

The Mission

Our mission is to bring iBooks to life by creating fixed layout designs that make reading interactive and user friendly. iBooks for the iPad provide high quality innovative solutions that add interactive media as another option for user content. Interactive media includes videos, animations, interactive diagrams, audio and 3D objects. The option to add a voice over augments traditional user media like photos and makes traditional media more interactive.


Fixed Layout eBooks

A fixed-layout ebook is an eBook that preserves page design. The text does not re-flow and the layout has a pixel specific page size that remains consistent and prevents images and text from shifting around.

Whether in horizontal or vertical position like a printed book with beautiful two page spreads.

Fixed Layout eBook Mock-Up for FREE!

For a limited time we will create a FREE! Mock-up for your Fixed Layout eBook. A perfect way to see what you eBook can look like with out spending a ton of $.

Deliver us your content and we will develop a short mock-up of your eBook creation


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