San Diego iBooks Authoring

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Our mission is to bring iBooks to life by creating fixed layout designs that make reading interactive and user friendly.
iBooks for the iPad provide high quality innovative solutions that add interactive media as another option for user content.
Interactive media includes videos, animations, interactive diagrams, audio and 3D objects. The option to add a voice over augments traditional user media like photos and makes traditional media more interactive.

Our innovative solutions creatively improve the dynamics of user content for fixed layout iBook design. Our mission is to bring interactive content to life in a way that printed books could never do.

iBooks for the iPad sold on iTunes are more user friendly with the addition of our layouts because the dynamics of reading are creatively improved with animations, interactive diagrams, videos, 3D objects and audio capabilities such as the ability to insert a voice over, provide a high quality experience that cannot be duplicated by traditional books.

Interactive content brings the user content to life and changes the book from something that is read to something that is experienced.