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The Folk Art of Mose Tolliver
Published July 27, 2015
by Anton Haardt | $16.99
MoseT A to Z winner of the New York Book Festival, also the prestigious Nautilus Silver Award. Mose's is a self-taught outsider folk artist. - 1915-2006 - Due Out: 201

Publisher: Gary St. Martin

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Introduction (from the book)
Mose Tolliver is one of the most widely admired and best-known self-taught artists working in the United States. Among the qualities inherent in his work is a sense of humor that reflects his own personality. A gregarious, fun-loving, and cheerful person, Mose is an inveterate optimist. In spite of the work-related accident that left him permanently crippled and in constant pain, his spirits were never dampened. Ironically, if Mose had not been forced to retire after the accident, it is unlikely that he would have had the time or motivation to develop an interest in painting.


Photography Odditites | In Development
by Gary St. Martin| $11.99
Due Out: 2017

Publisher: Gary St. Martin

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Throughout the years I have plenty of unusual images. In this book I have brought together all of these photos.


by Gary St. Martin | $4.99
122 Sunsets from Hawaii and California

Publisher: Gary St. Martin

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I have lived in California since the early 50s. My interest in Photography began in 1969 when I attended photography classes. I mostly shot 2 1/4 at the time and primarily Black & White.
After the mid-70s I began experimenting a bit with color slides. During this time I had 2 cameras, Yashica Mat-G then in I bought a hasselblad camera. Which I used until the early 80s.

During the 1970s I visited The Big Island of Hawaii twice and collected over 100 sunsets. I edited them down to the best. Plus many evening in California photographing some of the sunsets.

Section one Hawaii
Section two California
Section three Digital from 2000 foward.