Children's books, cookbooks, travel books, photography books, and more are increasingly using extensive voice over narration, book trailer videos, URL placement, interactive slide shows, and interactive glossaries and diagrams to complement their iBook text. Use our creative services to get your project completed on time and on budget!

We will take your pre-productions and turn them into turnkey products, taking the videos and photography in your iBooks and editing them extensively using the video editing software Final Cut Pro. Put our creative services to use by choosing us to complete your project on time and on budget.

The creation of the iBook makes a book exponentially more fun and interactive, but it also requires the use of outside creative services in many cases. We will provide what you need for fixed layout iBook publishing, including the following: an interactive glossary, video, audio, voice over narration, URL placement, interactive slide shows, and interactive diagrams.

We also specialize in converting your audio recordings and photography to iBook compatible formats, as well as video editing with Final Cut Pro. Book trailer video is being increasingly used in iBook turnkey products, and our company specializes in this field.

If you choose us for your pre-productions editing, we are sure to get the job completed on budget and on time with our video and audio services. Just contact us to schedule interviews. Our clients find our interviews one of the most helpful parts of the process, something that leads them to a successful book trailer video or fixed iBook layout.

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eBook Development

We provide everything you need for your fixed layout iBook publishing needs. A fixed layout iBook includes many extras such as: an interactive glossary, video, audio, voice over narration, URL placement, interactive slide shows, and interactive diagrams. We can also convert your video, audio and photos to iBooks compatible formats.

We also provide professional video productions, editing, voice over narration, audio and photography support. Your photos, video and audio will look and sound professional with our convert photo format enhancing.

Voice over narration works great for children's books, cooking books, just to name a few, etc.

A Fixed layout iBook for the iPad and iPhone is perfect for creating a cohesive look for your book. We are here for you to help you create an ibook that you can be proud of.

Your iBook will look professional. We also upload/publish your iBook to the iBookstore in iTunes.

Creatively Designed Interactive Pages

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Interactive media

Interactive content brings content to life and changes the book from something that is read to something that is experienced.

 High Quality Innovative Solutions

interactive content to life in a way that printed books could never do.

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