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The Folk Art of Mose Tolliver 
Published July 27, 2015 
by Anton Haardt | $16.99
MoseT A to Z winner of the New York Book Festival, also the prestigious Nautilus Silver Award. Mose's is a self-taught outsider folk artist. - 1915-2006 - Due Out: 201

Publisher: Gary St. Martin

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Introduction (from the book)
Mose Tolliver is one of the most widely admired and best-known self-taught artists working in the United States. Among the qualities inherent in his work is a sense of humor that reflects his own personality. A gregarious, fun-loving, and cheerful person, Mose is an inveterate optimist. In spite of the work-related accident that left him permanently crippled and in constant pain, his spirits were never dampened. Ironically, if Mose had not been forced to retire after the accident, it is unlikely that he would have had the time or motivation to develop an interest in painting.

A Graphic Novel
by Michael Petruzzi | $12.99
Michaels images are dark and forbidding. They explore the inner depth with in us. His use of Black and White Imagery is haunting, evocative and beautiful.

Publisher: Gary St. Martin

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Page 5 (from the book)
“As I leave my sanctuary on this dark winter day, it’s as though the house is watching me. I can feel it’s sadness as I walk down the snow covered path through the arbor out into the street. It will sleep and dream until my return. It’s only company, ... souls, dreams and desires of those who came before me”. 
She walks along the slush filled streets. The biting cold burning the tips of her ears, her scarf wrapped tightly around her neck. She quickens her pace, feeling the numbness in her toes, the pain increasing with every step. Wondering why she puts herself through misery, of course she knows the answer all too well. The pain is welcome, she feels alive. Fine pieces of wind blown ice slam against her soft porcelain white skin. Rose just smiles and trudges on, breathing deep the cold winter air. With each breath she remembers walking home from school, watching the other children climb onto the bus, warm and safe. All the while thinking how much more safe and comfortable she felt in a place others could never imagine…

A Graphic Novel
by Michael Petruzzi | $12.99

Publisher: Gary St. Martin

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